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Will a New Internet Trend be Less is More?

Posted by jbonner@a-2-w.com on June 23, 2015 at 1:50 PM

Will a new internet trend be less is more?


Think about you.


Who will influence you on a legislative issue? A consumer product issue?Successfully urge you to take action?


A trusted friend with knowledge about the issue or product? Most definitely, yes.


A trusted third party group you respect? Minister or other head of a religious organization you trust? The head of the Farm Bureau? Head of minority group? Veterans group? Patient advocacy group?


In our exploding age of social media, with waves (and sometimes tidal waves) of mass reactions and mass calls to action, bigger is seen as better.


Social media 2.0, maybe politics 1.0.


You and many other people may find it is the message and very importantly the messenger that makes the difference today.


In your view who has moral authority? To put it simply, “moral authority” is a philosophical concept in which a person, group or organization is trusted to do what is right and provide the best guidance.


Who then has this moral authority? Large numbers of people on the internet? The news media? Or the leader of a church, minority group, senior group, farm group, patient group, teacher/parent group? Who is more trusted in your opinion? Who has more influence on you?


If these trusted groups come forward and weigh-in on an issue, with good reasons, will this matter? Will this affect actions people take or don’t take?


Think of the groups you view as having moral authority? How would you respond to their view on a issue or product? How would your family members respond? Friends?


In politics a very wise former Speaker of the US House of Representative, Tip O’Niell said “All politics is local.” Politicians react to issues on how it affects the constituents they represent, the local people.


Are there local groups that you know of that you trust more than national groups?


The next step for social media 2.0, may be politics 1.0.


Local trust centers, with no financial interests, and not driven by mass swings of opinion by mass numbers of people, but driven by their proven concern for their members and their own communities, may be the next wave.


Local groups which have credible reasons to come forward, and come forward not with the same cookie cutter message, but with messages in their own words, with their own reasons, about impacts on their own members and communities.


And when local, trusted third party groups come forward, less is more. A small number may go a long way to impact how people think about issues, and think about taking action on an issue.


What do you think? Is this perhaps the start of the next wave?


---Jack Bonner


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