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  Third Party Advocacy Experts

Example of Our Work

Third Party Advocacy

Our specialty is finding, educating and mobilizing a wide variety of third party groups.


While we have worked on a great variety of issues, a recent example is on the “Got Milk” campaign for MilkPEP. 

  • Created entirely new coalitions in five states
  • Recruited, educated and mobilized wide variety of new powerful groups

             Groups with great reach into their communities  

             Respected, trusted local and statewide opinion leaders

             Voiced support in their own words 

  • Over 40 diverse groups:

             Coalition of groups include churches of different denominations,

             African- American, Hispanic, union, business, sports teams,

             school system, statewide PTA, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and others

  • Please watch three short video examples of our supporters

              Note videos shot at their organizations  

              Support credibly expressed in their own words

              All have large and extensive reach into their communities and states

The messenger is as important as the message.