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  Third Party Advocacy Experts

Jack Bonner

Jack Bonner, President

Jack Bonner has worked with officers and CEOs of over 100 major corporations and associations, constructing and executing innovative public affairs strategies across America on corporate reputation, product marketing, legislative, regulatory issues and crisis management. His success is due largely to his innovative business development model, which applies classic entrepreneurial marketing techniques to public affairs services, an approach not often seen in the Washington political sector.

Bonner has been called the “pioneer” of successful grassroots efforts by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Fortune magazine referred to him as the “guru of grassroots,” and NPR called Bonner the “king of grassroots.” Bonner has also been featured on “Nightline” and “The CBS Evening News.”

Bonner founded Bonner & Associates in 1984, to become the first firm in America dedicated to  grassroots and grasstop organizing. For over 20 years, B&A created grassroots and grasstops campaigns for some of the largest corporations, associations, and non-profit organizations in America with a winning track record of 75%. His strategic efforts have helped clients prevail in all 50 states battles concerning state and federal legislation, regulation, zoning, litigation, products and services.

Bonner has broadened his firm’s reach by starting A2W, Advocacy to Win, specializing in third party advocacy efforts using a variety of tools like social media, news media, meetings, rallies and advertisements to help clients achieve their goals. Application of this advocacy has ranged from business-to-business contract renewal campaigns targeting boards of directors, consumers, product marketing, reputational and crisis management, legislative and regulatory efforts.
Jack Bonner

Bonner began his career as the head of public relations for the City of Tucson, Arizona, where he was the youngest department head in the city’s history.   He worked with the mayor, city counsel members and city department heads..  While working with the city Bonner created and hosted two prime time television shows and hosted a weekly radio show carried on multiple stations.  Bonner served as press secretary and then as top political aide to the late U.S. Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania.  Heinz sat on the Senate’s Finance and Banking Committees.


Bonner was an adjunct professor at American University’s Center for Presidential and Congressional Studies for over fifteen years, where he taught a course on grassroots lobbying (some of his lectures have been carried on C-SPAN). A popular speaker, Bonner has been a guest lecturer at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, The U.S. Naval War College and many corporate, charitable, and academic forums.


Bonner is thrilled to have graduated from the University of Arizona.

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